Looking for a cable puller that works on the farm?

Looking for a cable puller that works on the farm?
Mar 01, 2024

Photo Credit: The Wyeth-Scott Company 

Hand winch that performs in demanding environments.

Braxten Breen 
Farms.com Intern 

Pulling heavy loads on the farm is part of everyday life on the farm. Whether it’s loading stock, moving or hauling fallen trees and tree branches, or taking on a variety of farm tasks, it can drain a lot of energy, unless you use your tools to help you out.   

The Wyeth-Scott Company has produced a durable, yet safest cable puller that can pull a lot of weight.  The More Power Puller is 26lb. (11 kilogram) solid ductile iron and steel industrial grade portable hand winch that is proven to perform in demanding environments.  

The More Power Puller features excellent durability, and won’t bend, break, or collapsing, thereby creating a safe, reliable, heavy-duty tool for the farm. 

Options for the cable puller include: 

  • A 2-ton (4,000 lbs.) capacity OR a 3-ton (6,000 lbs.) capacity  
  • Cable rope OR synthetic rope in 20’ or 35’ in length  
  • Steel cable rope color OR AmSteel blue rope color  

For more information about the More Power Puller, watch this video. 

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