Durum New Crop Trade Mission

Jan 03, 2020
New Crop Trade Missions play a very important role in helping our international buyers have a better understanding of the quality of the Canadian Crop.
Jake Leguee, a farmer from Fillmore, and a Director on the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission took part in the Durum Tour.
“On these trips, we talk with importers, millers, bakers all kinds of individuals who are really interested to know what goes into growing the crop in Saskatchewan. So having a farmer there is just critical to answer those questions and to help build that relationship with those customers. So that they're happy with the product that they're getting.”
He says based on the harvest sample program the quality of this year’s crop wasn’t as bad as you might think, given the weather conditions.
“We in so Southeast Saskatchewan seemed to have things a little bit worse, there's lots of good quality Durum that came off in Southwest Saskatchewan that sort of made up for that. So it does seem that there's going to be enough good quality stuff to go around for the buyers that really, really focus on that.”
Jake Leguee took part in the Durum Tour last month travelling to Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Italy
He says the take away from the trip for him was that what you do on your farm matters.
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