Corn Improvement Conference and Battle for the Belt Webinar

Jan 12, 2024

By Daniela Carrijo

Formerly the Northeastern Corn Improvement Conference, this conference now unites corn groups and enthusiasts from across the US to share information on applied corn research and annual production updates. Be ready to hear about agronomic practices, variety performance, soil fertility, pest and disease management, and more topics related to corn production. In 2025, we will host this conference right here in Pennsylvania! For registration, poster submission, and more information visit the conference webpage.

When: February 8-9, 2024

Where: West Lafayette, IN

Who: agricultural industry, producers, crop consultants, students and University personnel, and everyone interested in corn production!

Cost: $60/person ($30 for students)

Battle for the Belt: Corn vs. Soybean

Planting soybean and corn seed at the right time is critical. Which one should be planted first: corn or soybeans? Which team are you on? Join this virtual meeting to hear what research trials from Ohio State University have shown. Battle for the Belt results will be followed by more discussions on soybean and corn planting considerations and production practices. 

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