New Syngenta herbicides for pulse growers

New Syngenta herbicides for pulse growers
Jan 11, 2024

Nelatic and Canvista offer protection against multiple broadleaf weeds and grasses

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Syngenta is bringing two new herbicides to pulse producers in Western Canada for the 2024 season.

One is called Nelatic.

“It’s a new herbicide for use in field peas,” Jon Cressman, product lead for herbicides at Syngenta Canada, told “It brings together two established (active ingredients) in a pre-mix and also gives Syngenta a product in this space to round our pulse portfolio.”

The active ingredients are imazamox, a Group 2, and bentazon, a Group 6.

Together they help control weeds like barnyard grass, green foxtail, kochia and some weeds resistant to Group 2 products.

The recommended rate is 0.73 L/ha + 2L/ha nitrogen source (UAN 28%).

Nelatic is registered for use in the Prairies and the interior of B.C., including the Peace River region, its label says. And it can also be used in dry faba beans, soybeans and other crops.

The herbicide is registered as a post-emerge product, Cressman said.

“You’re looking anywhere between three and six nodes for field peas,” he said.

The herbicide is sold as a case of two 7.9L jugs, treating 40 acres per case at the recommended rate. Farmers can also purchase a 126.24L drum, good enough to treat 320 acres at the recommended rate.

The second new Syngenta herbicide is Canvista.

“This is a straight imazamox formulation,” Cressman said. “This will help control weeds in Imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant lentils.”

The early post-emerge product can also be applied to field peas, dry beans and soybeans, its label says. And like Nelatic, it’s registered for use in the Prairies and the interior of B.C., including the Peace River region.

The recommended rate is 100 mL/ac (250 mL/ha) + a non-ionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v (such as Adama Adjuvant 80), or a methylated seed oil adjuvant at 0.5% v/v (Merge or Hasten NT Ultra).

The product comes in a case with two 8L jugs. This volume can treat 160 acres per case.

Farmers would apply the product to IMI tolerant lentils when the crop is between one and nine nodes. And using Canvista provides farmers with rotational flexibility, Cressman said.

Both products will be part of Syngenta’s Partner Program.

This program offers farmers savings and benefits for purchasing Syngenta products.

Anyone interested in learning more about Nelatic or Canvista can contact their local Syngenta reps.

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