Corn ethanol - Vibra Energia’s new focus in Brazil's energy market

Nov 27, 2023

Vibra Energia SA, Brazil's largest fuel distributor, is now focusing on harnessing the potential of corn ethanol, particularly in the nation's northern regions. CEO Ernesto Pousada Jr. outlined this new strategy, indicating a shift from traditional sugar cane-based ethanol, predominant in the southeast, to corn-based ethanol. 

The northward expansion of corn cultivation in Brazil has led to a surge in biofuel production facilities, using corn as a primary feedstock. This development is poised to make ethanol more competitive against gasoline, especially in areas where cane ethanol has been less economically viable. 

Vibra, which operates a vast network of over 8,400 gas stations, is transitioning towards renewable energy, aligning with global shifts in energy consumption. After forming a joint venture with Copersucar SA, Vibra has become a major player in the ethanol trading market. 

Ethanol, a key element in Vibra's renewable energy strategy, is seen as a crucial transition fuel in Brazil's move towards more sustainable energy sources. The company's interest also extends to green jet fuel. Partnering with Brasil Biofuels, Vibra plans to introduce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2025, with an eye on both domestic use and potential exports. 

This strategic shift towards corn ethanol and other renewables is part of Vibra Energia's broader vision to adapt to changing energy dynamics, providing both environmental benefits and new business opportunities in Brazil's evolving energy landscape. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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