Corn Ethanol’s climate perks under scrutiny by EPA board

Sep 26, 2023

Tensions are rising as the Renewable Fuels Association and EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) clash over the climate benefits of corn ethanol. The Association’s CEO, Geoff Cooper, is staunchly defending ethanol's environmental benefits against the board’s uncertainties. 

The Renewable Fuels Standard was established with the goal of curbing emissions. However, a recent draft by the SAB has raised questions on whether corn ethanol, a predominant renewable fuel, truly reduces emissions compared to fossil fuels. 

Cooper isn’t backing down. He referenced numerous studies that demonstrate corn ethanol’s ability to cut emissions by 40-50%, contrary to fossil fuels. He brought attention to research by Argonne National Laboratory, which was absent in the SAB’s report, supporting the significant reduction of emissions through corn ethanol. 

The SAB’s concerns center around the potential environmental impact of expanding croplands for corn ethanol. Contrary to this, Cooper presented EPA data indicating a reduction in U.S. agricultural land since 2007, challenging the expansion concerns. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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