CFFO President Condemns Expropriation Threat to Wilmot Farmers and Farmland

Apr 19, 2024

Cambridge, ON - The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) President, Ed Scharringa, has issued a strong condemnation of the proposed expropriation of farmland in Wilmot Township, Ontario. With over 770 acres of prime agricultural land at risk, Scharringa joins the local farmers in their fight against the encroaching threat to their livelihoods and community heritage. 

The situation in Wilmot Township has reached a critical juncture, with farmers and landowners receiving offers from a US-based consulting company, acting on behalf of the Region of Waterloo, to purchase their land for industrial use. The magnitude of this proposed development project not only poses a direct threat to the farming community but also raises concerns about the irreversible loss of fertile farmland.  

In a statement addressing the issue, CFFO President Ed Scharringa expressed his unwavering support for the affected farmers and their families. "As President of CFFO, I stand in solidarity with the farmers of Wilmot facing expropriation," said Scharringa. "It's shameful that our farmers, stewards of our land, are left vulnerable to such injustice. Our government systems should protect them, not put them at risk." 

Scharringa further emphasized the failure of governmental bodies to safeguard the interests of farmers and farmland. "All levels of government should be ashamed that these farmers are even in this position," he asserted. "They have been failed by the very system meant to protect them and our farmland." 

The CFFO is actively mobilizing support and urging concerned citizens to sign the petition, created by the assembly of farmers who are affected by this issue, to oppose the expropriation of farmland in Wilmot Township. The petition, which has garnered widespread attention and support, serves as a critical tool in amplifying the voices of the affected community and demanding accountability from decision-makers. 

As the battle to protect Wilmot's farmland intensifies, the CFFO remains committed to advocating for the preservation of agricultural heritage and the livelihoods of farmers across Ontario. 

Source : Christian Farmers
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