Cautious optimism the feeling at Ag Expo

Feb 08, 2024

Iowa Ag Expo hosted a crowded trade show Jan. 31, but as farmers descended upon the Iowa Events Center for the event, moods were mixed.

The three-day event, billed as the third largest indoor ag exhibition in the country, ran from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1. Exhibitors and farmers had the chance to share ideas and show off what’s new in agriculture, and coming off a year dominated by headlines of drought, there seemed to be a fair amount of optimism.

“It’s been very upbeat,” said Colton James, territory sales manager with New Holland. “It’s been a really good crowd overall.”

James said farmers have been actively checking out new equipment, with New Holland focused on their new track system that is fully suspended. It will be featured on the model year 2024 combines and all manufactured in-house. James said it is “much better than what we had.”

John Deere integrated solution specialist Eric Mensen said their newer electric transmissions have been a focus for many farmers looking at equipment. The change in the transmission comes as Deere replaced hydrostatic motors and inserted electric motors. Mensen said that makes it more durable, smoother and efficient.

“I think (electric) is what we are moving toward,” Mensen said. “It’s not that it’s not being asked for, but hydrostatic motors couldn’t handle 410 horsepower tractors and the electric motors can. That’s going to let us reach up in to the higher horsepower models.”

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