Farmers wanted for industry survey

Farmers wanted for industry survey
Feb 08, 2024

Respondents find out who the survey is for after its completion

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A marketing solutions company is looking for farmers to participate in an industry survey.

“Homefield People & Strategy is conducting a research project on behalf of our client,” a pre-survey message says. “This Canadian-based client is interested in your experiences in the agricultural industry.”

Any farmer with a link to the survey can participate.

The survey asks respondents to input information like their age, crops grown, farm size and to list agronomic input companies.

Survey questions
Survey question examples (screenshot).

At the outset, participants don’t know who the survey is for.

But they can find out after they’ve submitted their responses.

This is done “to protect the neutrality of someone’s response,” Brynden Devenny, a spokesperson for Homefield People & Strategy, told in an email. “That background, however, is revealed after someone has completed the survey.”

Producers who participate may also be eligible to receive a $10 McDonald’s gift card for their time.

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