Cattlemen’s Young Leaders announces mentors for 2018 program year

Dec 20, 2018
Calgary, AB - The Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) program, a national youth initiative of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), is pleased to announce the 16 mentors in the CYL program this year.
Each year, the CYL program is fortunate to find multiple industry experts to stand as mentors in the program. These mentors spend a great deal of time and effort on helping the group of young leaders grow and develop over the course of their mentorships. This year, our mentors selected to work with the CYL group are as follows:
·         British Columbia: Bree Patterson (Sandy Russell)
·         Alberta: Jessica Giles (Dianne Finstad), Melissa Downing (Kim McConnell), Travis Page (Dr. Holt Tripp), Melissa Van Sickle (Dr. John Crowley), Megan Clifton (Rick Porter),            Allana Minchau (Cherie Copithorne-Barnes), Annessa Good (Dr. Jude Capper), Leonard Retzlaff (George Graham)
·         Saskatchewan: Dean Sentes (Doug and Judy Finseth), Jaqueline Toews (Aaron Grant)
·         Manitoba: Raina Syrnyk (Farrah Williams), Jordan Dahmer (Tom Teichroeb), Tyler Fewings (Scott Dickson)
·         New Brunswick: Amy Higgins (Kerry Wright)
The CCA looks forward to following these mentor-mentee parings develop through the program year. The CYL program is extremely grateful for industry support from individuals like the newly announced mentors.
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