DOT hits the market in 2019

DOT hits the market in 2019
Dec 20, 2018

The platform will cost producers about US$260,000

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Farmers will have their first chance to purchase a piece of autonomous equipment in 2019.

The DOT power platform will cost about US$260,000 (CAD$350,328). The U-shaped platform carries implements rather than pulling them like a traditional tractor would. DOT’s specs include a 320-litre (84-gallon) fuel tank and a Cummins 4.5-litre (1.18-gallon) turbo-charged diesel engine.

Farmers can control the platform with a handheld remote, which is also used to load implements. A full autonomous mode allows producers to download a map to the platform’s computer. DOT then travels along the pre-approved path.

Leah Olson

DOT brings several benefits to a farm equipment fleet, said Leah Olson, CEO of DOT and SeedMaster.

“The overall weight of the DOT power platform with its implements is at least 20 per cent lighter than similar horse-powered units and implements,” she told in an email. “As such, farmers should see reduced soil compaction and fuel costs.

“In the medium to long term, we believe DOT will provide farmers the ability to balance work (and) life better as they reduce the time required to be on equipment.”

Producers can purchase three implements in 2019 to accompany the DOT platform:

  • a SeedMaster 30-foot single tank drill
  • a SeedMaster grain cart
  • a 120-foot sprayer from Connect

And more implements could be on the way.

“We are working with other shortline manufacturers who will produce additional implements for use with the DOT power platform,” Olson said. “We are excited and encouraged by the interest shown by other manufacturers to partner with us.”  

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Comments (1)

DOT is the new paradigm I thought would be available in production agriculture. Before I retired I was one of the first to adapt GPS, auto-steer, and other advanced technologies. It became apparent that more would follow, and now am personally satisfied to see this advancement. Observing that labor can be a limiting factor for current producers, it appears that the time for DOT is prime. Soon to follow will be other advancements in this new paradigm.
Steve Williams |Dec 24 2018 2:24PM

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