Calving Season Wrapping Up

Apr 22, 2021

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Calving season is coming to an end.
Shawn Cabak is a Livestock and Forage Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development.
"Calving season, for some, is mostly wrapped up. We have a wide range of when calving season starts from Jan/Feb through to March/April and some calving on grass. Calving seasons have been stretched out because a lot of producers have moved it back to get out of that cooler, wetter weather that we see usually in March."
Cabak says the dry conditions did help in one regard.
"Because it's been drier, because it's been warmer, that has helped with minimizing disease pressure, so calves are not as stressed. We don't have the wet conditions, we don't see the same level of scours that we normally see, but producers still have to keep an eye on their calves and ensure that there is no sickness."
He added this important piece of advice.
"When cows are milking, when they got a young calf at their side, that's their highest nutritional period, so that's when we have to feed them our best quality feed. We have to feed them the most feed. We need ensure they have enough protein and energy, vitamins and minerals and salt and water so that they can produce enough milk for their newborn calf and get them through to grass. We don't want to underfeed the cows then because that could lead to delayed rebreeding when the breeding season starts."
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