April Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring Report Now Available

Apr 11, 2023

The Swine Health Information Center's (SHIC) April Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring Report is available.

This month's Domestic Swine Disease Monitoring Report brings information about the continued detection of PRRSV Lineage 1C variant of RFLP 1-4-4 in eastern US states (Indiana and Pennsylvania) and detections from sow farms in Oklahoma. For enteric coronaviruses, PDCoV positivity was above the expected in March, and the SDRS detected cycles of increased PDCoV activity occurring every two years; TGEV completed two years without RT-PCR detection (83,323 cases tested). Regarding PCV2, there was a marked increase in PCR positivity in the adult/sow farm category. In addition, PCV2 is in the top 10 pathogens detected in the confirmed disease diagnosis.

In the podcast, SDRS hosts talk with Dr. Maria Clavijo about Streptococcus suis dynamics, diagnostic process, and interventions to control the clinical expression of this pathogen.

View the full report dashboards and listen to podcasts in the online portal. No login required.

SHIC, launched in 2015 with Pork Checkoff funding, continues to focus efforts on prevention, preparedness, and response to novel and emerging swine disease for the benefit of US swine health.

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