Farm show looking for poopy proposals

Farm show looking for poopy proposals
Apr 11, 2023

People are encouraged to submit slogan ideas to the North American Manure Expo

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A farm show is looking for people with manure humor to submit ideas for a popular contest.

Organizers of the North American Manure Expo, which takes place Aug. 9 and 10 in Arlington, Wis., are looking for submissions for its slogan contest.

Since 2015, the show has included the “Top 10 Rejected Manure Expo Slogans” contest. That year, people from around the world submitted more than 800 slogans and messages.

Farmers and other ag community members submit funny entries into the contest.

Examples from the 2022 show include “Rated M for Manure,” “The world’s biggest gathering of turd nerds,” and “A super-spreader event.”

The deadline to submit ideas is April 15. People are asked to include their name, email address and up to three suggestions.

Once that window closes, organizers will narrow down the entries to the top 10.

Those 10 will be printed on the back of Manure Expo t-shirts, which visitors can purchase during the event.

Some suggestions from the team include:

  • Man, u’re awesome!
  • Spread manure, not hate.
  • That’s a bunch of bull----
  • May the feces be with you.
  • What a dump.

In addition to the contest, the North American Manure Expo will feature two days of equipment demos, industry speakers, networking opportunities and more.

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