Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan Ready to Assume Saskatchewan's Animal Protection Act Enforcement

Mar 30, 2015

Effective April 1 a newly formed Saskatchewan humane society will take over the enforcement of Saskatchewan's Animal Protection Act.

Earlier this year the Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced it planned to narrow its focus to programs and services related to education and the prevention of animal cruelty and, after March 31, would no longer be responsible for enforcing Saskatchewan's Animal Protection Act.

Effective April 1 the newly formed Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan will assume that role.
Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan executive director Kaley Pugh says the change avoids any potential for gaps in enforcement.

Kaley Pugh-Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan:
Our mandate is enforcement of the Animal Protection Act and that does actually apply to all animals.

Primarily the cases that we deal with will probably be similar to Saskatchewan SPCA's where about 50 percent of the cases involved dogs and then about 30 percent were horses, about 20 percent were cattle and then everything else was a smaller percentage but it does technically apply to all animals, pets, fish, wildlife, what ever.
It is a fairly broad act.

It gives us powers to inspect premises that have animals for sale, hire, exhibition but it also provides mechanisms where animal protection officers can respond to complaints from the public about concerns of animals that don't have adequate food, water, shelter, care.

Then there are provisions that state we have powers to seize animals under certain conditions, get search warrants under certain conditions, that sort of stuff.

Pugh notes Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan staff are experienced and professional people who have already been doing this type of work and they will be working closely with the Saskatchewan SPCA to ensure a smooth transition.
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Source: Farmscape