Agriculture Matters - Journey to Election 2023

Sep 20, 2023

The Keystone Agricultural Producers are encouraging producers to make sure their local candidates and party leaders understand the priorities for agriculture.

President Jill Verwey says the 2023 provincial election is critical.

"The decisions made by legislators hold considerable sway over the lives of Manitoba producers like myself, as these choices invariably impact our operations. "

She points out that Manitoba producers contribute safe, nutritious, and high-quality products valued across Canada and internationally - producing canola, wheat, beef, dairy, strawberries, potatoes, bison, honey, maple syrup, chickens, turkeys, eggs, and more!

"In the last year alone, the collective efforts of primary producers yielded $9.73 billion in farm income - an impressive contribution to Manitoba’s economy. The Agriculture and Agriprocessing sector employs more than 35,000 Manitobans, a crucial link in the province's food system, providing essential goods and services valued by every member of our community. "

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