Agriculture Industry Encourages Young People To Be Involved In Agriculture

Jan 25, 2021

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As the average age of Canadian farmers continues to rise, many groups, including Protein Industries of Canada are taking steps to encourage the next generation to get involved in agriculture.
Recently, it launched a program aimed at introducing students to a wide variety of possible careers, including agri-food and the study plant proteins. The program is open to youth from kindergarten to grade 12, and will focus primarily on the three prairie provinces. The target is to reach close to 70 thousand students over the next few years, by helping them increase their knowledge of the industry. Canada's newest Minister of Innovation, Francois Phillipe Champagne says we must ensure we have a skilled workforce representing the diversity of talent that exists in Canada.
Protein Industries Canada is planning to invest more than 15 million dollars into various activities in Canada's agri-food sector.  For more information on the program to target youth in the Prairies, visit the news release from Protein Industries Canada, and for more information on the activities to build capacity, visit their Program Information Page. 
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