AGCO Invests in OPTIfarm to Improve Productivity and Animal Welfare

Jun 16, 2022

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AGCO, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, has announced an investment in OPTIfarm, an emerging leader in precision livestock farming.

OPTIfarm uses proprietary software and an expert team to help farmers create the best environment for their animals. The system improves farm performance and helps meet key operational livestock targets, such as weight gain, improved feed conversion ratio and uniformity. The system also improves animal welfare by monitoring natural behavior to recommend the best possible conditions for livestock health, welfare and safety.

“Our investment in OPTIfarm aligns with our vision to deliver industry-leading smart farming solutions that improve our customers’ net farm income and address animal welfare,” said Eric Hansotia, AGCO’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe that advances in modern animal agriculture, like OPTIfarm, can help producers care for their animals and reduce environmental impact, while maximizing productivity.”

Source : AGCO Corp

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