2024 NFMS snapshot: New Holland’s CR11 combine debuts in U.S.

Feb 16, 2024

New Holland’s new flagship combine, the 775-hp CR11, was redesigned from the ground up to lean more heavily into productivity and power efficiency. The new model made its North American debut at the 2024 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

New Holland said it tailored the new combine in anticipation of how harvesting demands will continue to evolve. Because of how higher-yielding crops and unpredictable weather can affect both this season’s crop and the next, New Holland engineers aimed to design a machine that can clear fields quickly to protect the quality while ensuring the following year’s crop establishment can occur in good time and conditions.

About 90 percent of the machine is new components, and New Holland said it had to rethink everything to get to this capacity. It will do 20 percent to 40 percent more than the already robust CR10.90, which is the current flagship.

“This machine is not just a refresh of our CR10.90, which is in its own league and still the world record holder for wheat harvest. The CR11 is a totally new design,” said Curtis Hillen, combine marketing manager for New Holland Agriculture North America. “It’s a new platform that New Holland is going to build off of for the next level of productivity in twin-rotor combines.”

More productivity, maximum grain savings, premium residue management, and enhanced uptime are the four pillars the CR11 combine is built on. All four pillars support the machine’s overall objective to reduce the total cost of harvesting, a combination of financial cost and time that, when optimized, results in the overall improvement of the farmer’s bottom-line profitability. For example, it has 25 percent fewer drive components, and all drive chains have been eliminated.

It features a 775-horsepower C16 engine, 2-by-24-inch rotors (which is larger than what the CR10.90 had), 567-bushel grain tank, and a 6 bushels per second unload rate.

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