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Documentary "License To Farm" Launched.

Jan 16, 2016

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SaskCanola Launches License to Farm

From SaskCanola News

License to Farm is a short documentary exploring the role of science, sustainability and food safety in modern agriculture, encouraging farmers to stand up for their right to farm. Growing concern over consumer fear and mistrust of the food system, increasingly limiting government regulations, and the danger of choice becoming limited in production methods sparked the need for this film among SaskCanola stakeholders. This film will serve to propel conversations about social license in agriculture.

Here is the Documentary.

About the Film

Canada is a world leader in agriculture and food production. But farming doesn’t look the same as it did a hundred, fifty, or even ten years ago. Farmers are producing more with less, using more efficient and sustainable practices than ever before. So why do consumers carry so much doubt around the way their food is produced? When did fear begin to trump science and fact when it comes to food production – and how do we earn back that valuable consumer confidence?

It is crucial for agriculture – particularly farmers – to take a seat at the table when it comes to conversations about food. Farmers can play a crucial role by engaging in meaningful conversations, opening the doors to their livelihood and building trust with their communities.

This powerful documentary explores the truth behind common misconceptions of agriculture production in Canada, while empowering farmers to stand up and advocate for their social license to farm.

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