Wheat crop forecasts soar - Oklahoma leads with 40% increase

May 13, 2024

By Farms.com

The USDA's initial wheat crop estimates for 2024 indicate promising prospects for key producing states. Oklahoma stands out with a projected 40% increase in wheat production compared to 2023. USDA forecasts a 96.2 million bushel crop, based on an expected 2.6 million harvested acres yielding an average of 37 bushels per acre.

Kansas is also poised for a bumper crop, with USDA predicting a 33% surge in production compared to the previous year. The estimate stands at 267.9 million bushels, driven by an anticipated yield of 38 bushels per acre across 7.05 million harvested acres.

In contrast, Texas anticipates a slight dip in wheat production for 2024, with USDA forecasting a harvest of 71.4 million bushels, down from 77.7 million bushels in 2023.

These projections align with discussions at the Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association meeting, where estimates ranged from 86 million to 102 million bushels for the state's wheat crop. USDA's figure falls within this spectrum, reflecting a balanced assessment.

The USDA's forecasts hint at significant shifts in regional wheat production landscapes for the upcoming harvest season, signaling potential implications for agricultural markets and stakeholders across the nation.

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