Using multi-layer data in precision ag

Using multi-layer data in precision ag
Feb 01, 2021

Expert explains why a single layer won’t cut it

By Ryan Ridley

Are you using multi-layer analytics on your farming operation?

“There is a huge amount of data sources,” explains Dmitry Dementiev, co-founder of GeoPard Agriculture. “When your farm begins to become more advanced, you have more and more data sources that you need to be able to analyze to make better decisions each year.”

GeoPard Agriculture is a precision ag company that analyzes satellite, topography, yield, and soil data to provide users with insights about their farming operation.

“GeoPard Agriculture is a powerhouse for agriculture data,” he adds. “We provide analysis for almost all data, including multi-layer analysis.”

Attendees of the 2020 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase tuned in to Dementiev’s presentation ‘Use-cases of multi-layer analytics in precision agriculture: When you need it. Why it is valuable.’

“A single layer is never enough in precision agriculture. That’s why our approach is so complex,” says Dementiev.

GeoPard’s approach utilizes satellite imagery, soil data, plant data, yield data, topography, artificial intelligence, human intelligence, and more.

The result: multi-layer variable rate application for fertilizer, seeding, crop protection, growth regulators, irrigation and more.

Watch the below video with Dementiev to learn more about multi-layer analytics in precision agriculture.


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