USDA Steps up with new equity initiatives

Feb 15, 2024


The USDA has announced its updated Equity Action Plan for 2024, demonstrating a renewed commitment to equity and inclusivity in agriculture. This update follows President Biden's directives to ensure federal support reaches all communities equitably. 

According to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the plan underscores USDA's dedication to creating a more accessible and just food system. 

The plan's genesis in 2022 set the stage for a more inclusive approach, with each agency within USDA tailoring actions to its unique stakeholder needs. Now, with valuable input from various engagements, including tribal consultations and the independent Equity Commission, USDA has refined its strategies to better serve underserved farmers, rural communities, and all Americans seeking to engage with agricultural programs. 

Key strategies include enhancing access to agricultural markets, promoting rural prosperity, ensuring nutritional security, and advancing civil rights. The USDA aims to directly target resources to those most in need, simplify access to programs, and maintain transparency and accountability. 

This initiative marks a significant effort to systematically integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into USDA's operations, aiming to foster a more equitable agricultural landscape.  

Through targeted strategies and operational methods, the USDA is paving the way for a more inclusive future in agriculture, ensuring that the benefits of its programs are felt by every American, regardless of their background. 

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