USDA enforces “Product of USA” label clarity

Mar 14, 2024


The USDA has introduced a pivotal regulation to address the growing consumer demand for transparent food labeling. The newly published final rule stipulates that the “Product of USA” and “Made in the USA” labels are reserved for meat, poultry, and egg products derived entirely from animals within the United States, from birth to processing. This guideline is designed to eliminate misleading labels and ensure that consumers have accurate information about the origin of their food. 

Accompanying the rule, the USDA has also released updated labeling guidance to assist establishments in adhering to these new standards, with a public comment period available. The deadline for compliance with this rule is set for January 1, 2026. 

The USDA's investment of $9.5 million into the Local Meat Capacity Grant Program signifies an effort to bolster the meat and poultry supply chain's resilience. By supporting 42 innovative projects, the program aims to provide more local processing opportunities for producers, strengthening their competitive edge in the market. 

The Agricultural Marketing Service’s Website Monitoring Program represents another stride towards transparency, focusing on compliance with the Federal Seed Act. This program aims to enhance the clarity of seed variety information available to farmers, thereby improving their decision-making process at the point of purchase. 

These initiatives by the USDA underline a broader strategy to foster a more transparent, resilient, and consumer-friendly agricultural market. Through clear labeling standards, support for local processing, and rigorous compliance monitoring, the USDA is working to build a more sustainable and trustworthy food system that benefits producers, consumers, and the environment alike. 

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