Kippley wins second term as NFU's advocate

Mar 14, 2024


At the heart of the National Farmers Union's recent convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, a significant decision was made by family farmers and ranchers across the country. They re-elected Jeff Kippley, a dedicated Aberdeen farmer, for a second term as Vice President on March 11. This decision underscores the trust and confidence the agricultural community places in Kippley's leadership and advocacy efforts. 

Kippley's blend of farming experience and accounting expertise positions him uniquely to address the financial realities and policy challenges faced by family farms. His leadership has garnered support from key figures like Doug Sombke, President of the South Dakota Farmers Union, who commends Kippley for his authentic commitment to the welfare of family farming. 

In his role, Kippley is pushing for significant policy reforms that are crucial for the survival and prosperity of family farms. His focus areas include ensuring price transparency, advocating for mandatory country-of-origin labeling (MCOOL), protecting landowner rights, and supporting the adoption of higher ethanol blends. These efforts aim to create a more fair and sustainable agricultural sector for future generations. 

Kippley's commitment extends beyond policy advocacy. He is actively working to grow the National Farmers Union membership and ensure that the concerns of family farmers and ranchers are heard at the highest policy-making levels. His approach to leadership is deeply rooted in the belief that all family farms, regardless of their size or the commodities they produce, face similar challenges that require unified, effective advocacy. 

As Jeff Kippley embarks on his second term, his dedication to securing a brighter future for family farming remains clear. His efforts are pivotal in driving forward the National Farmers Union's mission to support the backbone of America's rural economy—its family farmers and ranchers.

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