Urgent bid for E15 waiver to aid summer fuel economy

Apr 04, 2024

By Farms.com

The agricultural and ethanol industries have come together to request administrator for an emergency E15 waiver for the summer of 2024. This unified request is driven by the goal of offering consumers across the United States access to a more affordable and environmentally friendly fuel option. The proponents of E15, which is 5% more ethanol-blended than the common E10 fuel, argue that it can provide substantial economic relief at the pump, particularly during the summer when fuel prices soar. 

Behind this request are influential organizations within the agricultural and biofuel sectors, urging for an adjustment before the summer driving season begins. They argue that such a move would not only offer immediate cost benefits to American consumers but also align with broader environmental and energy security goals amidst ongoing global challenges. 

Despite the EPA's recent decision to allow year-round E15 sales in select Midwest states by 2025, the coalition seeks an expedited waiver for the upcoming summer. They believe that addressing the immediate needs for affordable and sustainable fuel options is crucial, especially considering record E15 sales last year, indicating a strong consumer preference.  

This concerted effort aims to leverage domestic ethanol as a key to energy independence, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and strengthened agricultural economy, making a compelling case for the swift approval of the E15 summer waiver.

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