Unveiling the Power of Case IH’s AF11 - Revolutionizing Harvesting Efficiency

Unveiling the Power of Case IH’s AF11 - Revolutionizing Harvesting Efficiency
Apr 09, 2024

AF11 Combine Elevates Farming with Superior Capacity, Advanced Technology, and Enhanced Runtime

By Ryan Ridley

In the world of agriculture, efficiency and technology play pivotal roles in defining success. Enter the Case IH AF11 combine, a breakthrough in harvesting capacity and efficiency. 

Leo Bose, Case IH’s North American Marketing Manager, introduces this impressive machine, with loads of capacity, technology, and runtime that promises to redefine harvesting operations. 

At the heart of the AF11's unmatched efficiency lies its formidable engine. With 775 horsepower, it supports a 567-bushel capacity, enabling it to manage more acres per day at reduced costs.  

This powerhouse also boasts a rapid six bushel per second unload rate, highlighting its capacity prowess. 

However, the AF11's innovation doesn't stop at raw power. Embedded technology within the cab introduces a new era of machine automation. This includes fully automated adjustments to the combine's cutting mechanisms, as well as an innovative cleaning and residue management systems.  

These advancements are propelled further by residue automation equipped with radar technology, ensuring optimal spread regardless of environmental conditions. 

Runtime efficiency is another cornerstone of the AF11's design. By optimizing fuel consumption—reducing engine RPM from 2100 to 1900—the AF11 exemplifies efficiency, cutting down on fuel usage without sacrificing performance. 

Bose explains more in the complete video shown at the end of this article.   

For nearly half a century, axial flow combines have set the benchmark for harvesting equipment. The AF11 continues this legacy, representing the culmination of 46 years of innovation. It not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering unparalleled efficiency, technological advancements, and operational cost savings. 

Watch the video below to learn about the AF11 Series.