Two Lamborghini tractors up for auction

Two Lamborghini tractors up for auction
Feb 02, 2024

Both tractors have their original engines

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Antique Lamborghini tractors are up for sale through an auction house.

Artcurial, which specializes in luxury items like art, cars, and jewelry, is selling two Lamborghini tractors during a Feb. 2 auction.

The first is a yellow restored 1958 Lamborghini DL 30C (the C stands for crawler), complete with its original 1,810 cc twin-cylinder diesel engine and other unique features.

Lamborghini DL30C
Artcurial photo

“This tracked tractor is particularly interesting, as it was one of around ten prototypes produced with a three-wheel kit which enabled it to travel on public roads,” the listing says.

Company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, the son of grape farmers, started the tractor business in 1948 to support post-war recovery.

He used spare war parts like tank tracks to build his first tractors.

The DL 30C’s predecessor, the DL 25C, only had tracks, which would damage roadways.

This necessitated improvements to the tractor.

“A removable mounted wheel was fitted at the front while two large rims fitted at the rear with deep treaded tyres were attached to the hub of the toothed wheels, which then made the tracks progress,” Artcurial’s listing says.

The auction house estimates the starting bid for this tractor will range between €40,000 and €60,000. That’s between US$43,161 and US$64,743, or between CAD$58,147 and CAD$87,220.

The second Lamborghini tractor available during the same auction is a 1964 1R.

This piece is equipped “with a twin-cylinder, air cooled diesel engine developing 26hp, linked to a four-speed gearbox and a reduction gear,” Artcurial’s listing says.

Lamborghini 1R
Artcurial photo

The tractor has its original engine and is painted with its factory orange and blue colours.

The auction house estimates the starting bid for this machine will range between €30,000 and €50,000. That’s between US$32,356 and $US53,927, or CAD$43,580 and CAD$72,633.

Lamborghini set his sights on luxury cars in the 1960s after he received insults for giving an established manufacturer of luxury cars advice on improving its clutch.

That manufacturer’s name was Enzo Ferrari.

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