Support for Young Farmers in New York State</

Oct 14, 2014

Young Farmers NY announces aid program

In the past few years agriculture in New York State has faced an increase in the number of obstacles that threaten its future sustainability if these trends continue. In each of the past five years, 50,000 acres of farm land has been lost to development. Data from USDA Census of agriculture has shown that there is only one farmer aged 35 and under for every two farmers aged 65 and above. Young NY Farmers are actively trying to reduce and improve these numbers to ensure that the agriculture industry continues to remain New York’s biggest industry.

That is why Young Farmers NY announced a new program. The support comes for farmers, both young and old, who are struggling to maintain their positions in the agriculture industry. Young Farmers NY is an organization that include young farmers between the ages of 18 and 35, the organization facilitates networking and provides educational conferences. The organization also support their communities by providing solutions for crisis in agriculture and influencing public policy for the industry.

There are several parts of the program designed to support farmers in a variety of ways. It includes more than $600,000 in grants for farmers as well as a loan forgiveness program. Qualified farmers who are beginning their careers can apply for up to $50,000 dollars of grants and can use these funds to purchase or lease farm equipment, supplies and other resources. Aid also comes in family assistance in transitioning the family farm from one generation to another through changes to estate taxes and an increase in funding for in-school agriculture programs like Future Farmers of America.

Farmers in New York State can get more information at