Staple foods at risk due to federal policy

Sep 22, 2023

By Jean-Paul MacDonald

Our beloved bread, pasta, and even that weekend beer might get pricier. We've all felt the pinch of Covid's inflation and those empty store shelves. But brace yourself; it could get tougher.

As farmers know, Federal policies are making it tricky to produce affordable and healthy food. First, there's the carbon tax. It's like a thorn in the side for farmers at each production step. And now, there’s talk about reducing nitrogen-based fertilizers. The government is always asking farmers to do more with less.

For farmers this isn't great news. Less fertilizer and rising costs mean farmers will produce less. With lower production, prices go up, and supply chains take another hit. The worst part is often the less privileged feel the brunt when staple food prices spike.

What’s interesting is that Canadian farmers, blessed with naturally rich soil, use fewer fertilizers than many countries. If we step back, others might step in, using even more fertilizers. Oh, and have you heard about the Amazon rainforest? It's getting cleared for grain farms that gulp down tons of fertilizer.

These policies might look good on paper, but they’re making our lives tougher. Let’s make some noise about it! The Wheat Growers have a petition against these fertilizer cuts and carbon taxes. Lend your voice! And if you can, support the volunteer-run initiative. Every bit helps in educating consumers.

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