Soybean farmers shine in 2024 conservation legacy awards

Feb 28, 2024


The 2024 Conservation Legacy Awards, presented by the American Soybean Association, shine a spotlight on the exceptional environmental and conservation efforts of soybean farmers across the nation. These awards underscore the innovative practices that contribute to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship within the soybean farming community. 

In the Southern Region, Brad and Joyce Doyle have made significant strides in water management, showcasing a commitment to sustainability that they hope to pass on to the next generation. Their Arkansas farm stands as a model of how conservation efforts can enhance farm viability and ecological balance. 

Jacob Kaderly of Monticello, Wisconsin, represents the Upper Midwest Region with his dedication to no-till farming and cover crops. His practices emphasize the importance of soil health, erosion control, and water conservation, setting a high standard for sustainable agriculture in the region. 

From Birch Run, Michigan, Donald Morse has been a pioneer in conservation tillage, demonstrating the long-term benefits of such practices on soil health and farm sustainability. His work in the Northeast Region highlights the critical relationship between conservation efforts and farm profitability. 

Chris Von Holten, representing the Midwest Region from Walnut, Illinois, has responded to the challenges of soil erosion and drought by adopting no-till and cover crops. His approach to farming is a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to ensure the sustainability of agricultural lands. 

These regional winners, who will be celebrated at the annual ASA Awards Celebration, embody the spirit of innovation and commitment to conservation that the Conservation Legacy Award seeks to honor.  

Their contributions to sustainable soybean production not only benefit their local communities but also serve as valuable examples for farmers nationwide striving towards more environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

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