Sign-Up period for dairy support program begins

Feb 27, 2024


The USDA has opened enrollment for its Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program for 2024, aimed at supporting dairy farmers through the challenges of milk and feed price discrepancies. Available until April 29, this program is part of the USDA's commitment to bolster the dairy industry's resilience against market unpredictability. 

To enhance the program's effectiveness, the USDA has introduced the option for dairy operations to adjust their production history once, potentially increasing their eligibility for support. This adjustment, along with the program's proven track record of disbursing over $1.2 billion in payments in 2023, underscores the DMC's role as a critical tool for dairy producers seeking stability in a fluctuating market. 

The National Milk Producers Federation has voiced its support for the timely opening of this year's enrollment, emphasizing the program's continuous improvements and its importance for dairy operations across the board. With the incorporation of updated feed and premium hay costs, the DMC program offers a more tailored approach to calculating payments, further aligning with the needs of modern dairy farming. 

As the dairy industry navigates the complexities of market dynamics, the DMC program stands out as a reliable source of financial protection. With enrollment now open, dairy producers have a limited window to secure a measure of certainty in an otherwise unpredictable sector, highlighting the ongoing efforts to ensure the vitality and sustainability of dairy farming in America.

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