Salford’s MagnaSpread PLUS+ and It’s 120 Foot Swath

Salford’s MagnaSpread PLUS+ and It’s 120 Foot Swath
May 14, 2024

100% Duty-Cycle Machine Is Built for Efficiency and Performance 

By Ryan Ridley

Salford Group is taking fertilizer and lime application to the next level with its MagnaSpread PLUS+ spinner spreader. recently chatted with Lee Kilpatrick, the US Sales Manager for the Salford Group, about what he calls one of the company’s marquee products. 

This machine represents the culmination of twenty years of technological advancement in the MagnaSpread product line, which now incorporates modern wide swath technology. 

According to Kilpatrick, the MagnaSpread PLUS+ stands out in two regards. 

The first being its swath. Rather impressively the swath is capable of spreader up to 120 feet or 36 meters, depending on the material. 

This feature alone sets it apart in terms of operational efficiency, allowing for broader coverage in less time. 

Another standout aspect of this machine is its robust duty cycle. The MagnaSpread PLUS+ is a true 100% duty-cycle machine and operates with hydraulics that are more than 90% efficient. 

“Not only is it efficient in the swath that it can throw, but it is also efficient in the duty cycle that it can maintain,” adds Kilpatrick. 

The MagnaSpread PLUS+ includes a 20-ton walking beam suspension paired with 800/65R32 tires. The 20’ tandem axle offering also includes overhead mounted spinner motors, stainless steel spinners, a 30” belt-over-bar conveyor, and a spreader pan test kit. 

Kilpatrick also focused on ROI for this machine. 

He stated that for farmers covering 1,000 acres or more, and spending at least $8 per acre, the MagnaSpread PLUS+ can show a break-even point in just over two years. 

“As you are coming into these years when unexpected things may occur, you have got to look for ways to increase your top end and reduce the expense to get there,” adds Kilpatrick. “And this is certainly the type of tool that can do that on your farm.” 

In a time where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key to success, the Salford MagnaSpread PLUS+ is a tool worth having. 

Watch the below video to learn more about the MagnaSpread PLUS from Salford Group. 

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