Kids FarmSafe Week - safeguarding tomorrow's farmers

Kids FarmSafe Week - safeguarding tomorrow's farmers
May 14, 2024


The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) proudly introduces the inaugural Kids FarmSafe Week, running from May 13th to 19th. This campaign, themed "Nurturing the Future of Agriculture," aims to bolster awareness around child and youth safety on farms, urging stakeholders to #KeepKidsFarmSafe. 

Andrea Lear, CASA’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasizes the urgency of this initiative, citing troubling statistics from the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR) data. Over three decades, 435 children and youth succumbed to agriculture-related incidents, highlighting a pressing need for change. 

Kids FarmSafe Week spotlight's daily themes, tackling crucial safety aspects concerning children and youth on farms. These themes include youth mental health, machinery safety, kids' health, preventing falls, farm animal safety, and drowning prevention. A webinar offers valuable insights into safeguarding children on farms, accessible via

BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions, a longstanding safety advocate, serves as the presenting sponsor for Kids FarmSafe Week. Leta LaRush, Vice President of Business Management at BASF, underscores the collective commitment to farm safety within the agricultural community.  

BASF's partnership with CASA extends beyond this event, encompassing initiatives like the Safety Scouts program and online safety resources for farm families. 

Kids FarmSafe Week stands as a crucial milestone in promoting safety culture within Canadian agriculture. Through collaboration, awareness, and education, stakeholders endeavor to protect the future generation of farmers, ensuring their well-being on farms across the nation. 

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