Rykon - Chevron's Answer to Extreme Industrial Needs

Rykon - Chevron's Answer to Extreme Industrial Needs
Feb 02, 2024

By: Farms.com  

In a strategic move to bolster its lubricant lineup, Chevron has unveiled Rykon®, a high-performance grease crafted for the rigorous demands of modern heavy-duty and extreme pressure environments. 

This latest offering from Chevron is poised to revolutionize the way industries approach equipment lubrication and maintenance. With its overbased calcium sulfonate complex base, Rykon emerges as a formidable alternative to traditional lithium-based greases, which are facing global supply and cost challenges. 

Rykon - Chevron's Answer to Extreme Industrial Needs

Rykon is specifically formulated to enhance the uptime and durability of next-generation machinery - including farm machinery, aligning perfectly with Chevron's ethos of pushing the boundaries in product innovation and performance. It promises to fill a critical gap in the market, providing a solution that not only meets but exceeds the operational requirements of heavy-duty machinery across various sectors. 

The development of Rykon reflects Chevron’s proactive approach to addressing the evolving needs of the industry. According to Zach Sutton, Chevron Lubricants Industrial sector specialist, Rykon is a testament to Chevron's dedication to delivering solutions that anticipate and surpass the machinery and equipment demands of both today and the future. 

Boasting superior characteristics such as outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, as well as exceptional water resistance, Rykon is designed to protect equipment against the most prevalent causes of breakdown and failure.  

Its efficacy in combating high pressure and shock loads, alongside its excellent wear protection at elevated temperatures, makes Rykon an invaluable asset in extending the operational lifespan of machinery, ultimately driving down the total cost of ownership. 

Chevron's introduction of Rykon, complete with a refreshed branding and packaging design, underscores its commitment to quality and innovation. Customers and industries looking for a robust lubrication solution can now turn to Rykon for unmatched performance and reliability.  

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