Record Highs for U.S. Soy in Global Markets

Feb 05, 2024


In the Marketing Year 22/23, the soy sector made a $39.8 billion contribution to the U.S. economy. The export volume of 67.6 million metric tons, spearheaded by record-breaking soybean meal exports, underscores the sector's robust performance and strategic importance. 

Soybean meal exports led the charge, reaching record volumes and values, thanks to growing international demand, particularly from Colombia and Ecuador. This surge reflects the U.S.'s ability to adapt and innovate, promising continued growth as soybean production evolves with new technologies and improved agricultural practices. 

The primary markets for U.S. soybean meal exports included the Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, and the EU, illustrating the diverse and global appeal of U.S. Soy products. Meanwhile, whole soybean exports demonstrated resilience against global disruptions, maintaining steady volumes and reinforcing the U.S. Soy's value proposition on the world stage. 

Soybean oil exports faced a decline due to increased domestic demand for renewable fuels, showcasing the dynamic shifts within the agricultural and energy sectors. This adjustment mirrors broader trends towards sustainability and renewable energy sources, with the U.S. Soy industry playing a key role. 

Collaborative efforts among U.S. soy associations have been instrumental in fostering market growth and ensuring the U.S. remains at the forefront of agricultural exports. These partnerships focus on innovation, sustainability, and market development, cementing the U.S. Soy's reputation for quality and reliability. 

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