Ontario Greens Fight to Save Wilmot's Farmland

Ontario Greens Fight to Save Wilmot's Farmland
Apr 09, 2024

By Jean-Paul McDonald

In an urgent appeal, Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner, Deputy Leader Aislinn Clancy, local farmers, and Wilmot Township community members have come together to challenge a rezoning plan that threatens 770 acres of valuable farmland.  

This collective effort aims to protect the land located between Nafziger Road, Bleams Road, and Wilmot Centre Road from being repurposed for an undisclosed project. 

Aislinn Clancy highlighted the significance of safeguarding farmland, stating, “A threat to farmland anywhere is a threat to farmland everywhere.” She further emphasized the importance of preserving the region's prime agricultural land to prevent irreversible loss. 

The group has voiced concerns over the diminishing farmland in Ontario, with Mike Schreiner pointing out that the province is losing 319 acres of farmland daily. This loss is alarming, considering only five percent of Ontario’s land is arable and vital for sustaining the province's $50 billion food and farming industry. The leaders argue for reconsideration of the project location to avoid compromising Ontario's food security. 

Clancy also criticized the recent trend of urban boundary expansions under the Ford government, labeling it as a direct assault on traditional land planning and zoning practices. She accused the current administration of facilitating these expansions at the cost of agricultural land. 

The Ontario Greens pledge to work collaboratively across party lines to counteract forced boundary expansions and to secure the preservation of prime farmland for future generations.  

Their campaign underscores the critical need for sustainable land management practices that prioritize agricultural preservation over urban development, ensuring the long-term viability of Ontario's food production capabilities and economic prosperity in the agricultural sector.