New York Farm Bureau Urges Immigration Reform for a Resilient Food System

May 23, 2023

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By Jean-Paul MacDonald,

New York Farm Bureauis emphasizing the urgent need for immigration reform to address critical labor issues that jeopardize the stability of the food system.

In a statement by New York Farm Bureau President David Fisher, it is acknowledged that the lack of a robust border policy has contributed to the current situation. The organization extends its support to Governor Hochul's appeal to the federal government, urging the expedited issuance of work visas for migrants who have undergone proper processing and wish to work on farms in New York State.

While recognizing the short-term benefits that such action can provide, New York Farm Bureau emphasizes that this would only serve as a temporary solution to a much larger problem that must be addressed at the federal level in Washington, D.C. Collaboration with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and Cornell's Agricultural Workforce Development program is ongoing, as they strive to find a way forward in ensuring a reliable agricultural workforce.

As "The Voice of New York Agriculture," New York Farm Bureau is committed to supporting current agricultural needs and creating opportunities for its members through advocacy and education. The organization highlights the significance of comprehensive immigration reform in resolving the pressing labor challenges faced by the state's agricultural sector. While addressing the immediate need for work visas, they emphasize the importance of long-term solutions that can only be achieved through legislative action at the national level.

By highlighting the critical role of immigrants in the agricultural workforce and advocating for reforms, New York Farm Bureau aims to secure a resilient food system that can meet the demands of the state while ensuring fair and sustainable labor practices.

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