New Peterson Farm Brothers Music Video Released.

Oct 27, 2014

By Joe Dales,

The Peterson Farm Brothers have put their creativity and talent to work again by introducing another music parody video.  The Brothers have had a lot of social media success with their Youtube videos and  do a good job entertaining a growing fan base in a fun, farmer way that educates and shares what agriculture is and what farmers do on a daily basis.

These young farmers have become celebrities with their YouTube channel garning over 32 Million video views and 83,000 fans.

This new music parody video, their eighth, brings attention to their number one cause, agriculture + advocacy, AGVOCACY!

Greg Peterson the oldest brother of this talented farm family was recently interviewed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture where he said. "I wondered if there was a way that we could make videos about agriculture more entertaining," he came up with in 2012 "I'm Farming and I Grow It" (, "since then they have tried to continue to find creative ways to make new videos that educate and entertain at the same time."

Their newest parody video - it is a "mashup" of 5 top hits from over the last year! We have released the name of a song every weeknight of this week. The fifth song is........ 1. Throttle Down For What (Turn Down For What parody) 2. Talk Farming to Me (Talk Dirty parody) 3. All About That Beef (All About That Bass parody) 4. I'm So Farmer (Fancy parody) 5. Let it Grow (Let it Go parody):



Check out the Peterson Brothers Farm Blog here:


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