N-Serve used for first time in Western Canada

Dec 11, 2014

Mossleigh, Alberta received first fall application

By Diego Flammini, Farms.com

After a long history of success in the United States, Canadian farmers will now have the chance to better stabilize and convert regular, unstabilized nitrogen into stabilized nitrogen using N-Serve.

With it, growers can take advantage of lower fertilizer prices in the fall, get a jump start on spring responsibilities, and protect their nitrogen in the root of the crop.

“When a grower is putting down anhydrous ammonia in the fall, there’s a high risk of losing that fertilizer to leaching or denitrification, depending on environmental conditions and soil temperature,” said Andrew Reese, Market Development Specialist with Dow AgroSciences. “By using a nitrogen stabilizer like N-Serve, you can protect your fertilizer investment and know it will be available in the root zone when the plant needs it in the spring.”

 All of this done with the endgame being a larger profit.

“Well if we can save more “N” (nitrogen), it should result in more yield at the end of the day,” said Russ Glover, General Manager at Parrish & Heimbecker. “If we can delay when it could possibly be lost from the soil, it should increase their bottom line.”

It’s been a long road to get nitrogen stabilizers north of the border.

“These nitrogen stabilizers have a 35-year track record of success in the U.S., so we’re excited to finally bring their potential and benefits to Canadian growers,” said Dustin Leskosky, Product Manager with Dow AgroSciences.

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