Grain Growers of Canada respond to new bill

Dec 11, 2014

Organization welcomes Bill C-48

By Diego Flammini,

The Grain Growers of Canada, the national spokespeople for the over 50,000 grain producers across Canada, are in favour of the new bill that’s designed to help reinforce Canada’s status as a reliable producer of high quality grain.

“Canadian farmers are proud of the strong international reputation we have worked hard to earn,” said Grain Growers of Canada President Gary Stanford. “The CGC [Canadian Grain Commission] is a key player in maintaining that good standing.”

The bill, among other provisions, would give the CGC authority to instill a Producer Compensation Fund to protect grain growers should a licensee not pay for delivery. The goal is to enhance security for those providing the product.

The Grain Growers will meet with government officials to finalize specific items related to Bill C-48.

“We expect to hold productive conversations throughout this process as we work to get it right for everyone,” said Mr. Stanford.

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