Mucci Farms expands with Hacienda North acquisition

May 24, 2024


Mucci Farms, a leader in the agricultural sector known for producing fresh fruits and vegetables, has recently expanded its operations through the acquisition of Hacienda North Farms. This strategic move enhances Mucci Farms’ presence in the agricultural industry and is a significant step in its collaboration with Cox Farms. 

Located in Coatsworth, Ontario, Hacienda North Farms is a state-of-the-art, 159-acre greenhouse facility that has partnered with Mucci Farms for nearly a decade, specializing in the cultivation of quality bell peppers.  

This acquisition not only increases Mucci Farms' greenhouse footprint but also strengthens its ability to meet the growing demands of its retail partners. 

Bert Mucci, CEO of Mucci Farms, expressed excitement about the integration, emphasizing that the long-standing partnership with Hacienda North has provided deep insights into the quality and efficiency of its operations.  

By bringing Hacienda North into the Mucci Farms family, the company aims to enhance its product offerings and better serve its markets. 

The acquisition is also a pivotal moment for Cox Farms, which collaborates with Mucci Farms in setting global standards in agriculture. Steven Bradley, president of Cox Farms, highlighted the acquisition as a testament to their commitment to leading the industry and adapting to consumer needs through innovative practices. 

In addition to acquiring the greenhouse facilities, Mucci Farms has also gained a considerable land bank of 120 acres as part of the deal. This additional land provides ample opportunities for future expansions and innovations, allowing Mucci Farms to remain flexible in its crop production and to explore new market opportunities. 

The focus will continue to be on bell peppers at the new facilities, but with an added capacity and resources, Mucci Farms is well positioned to adapt to market changes and explore diversification in its produce offerings.  

The acquisition signifies not just growth but also a reinforced commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices, poised to benefit both the company and its consumers in the long run. 

This strategic expansion demonstrates Mucci Farms' dedication to growth and innovation within the agricultural sector, ensuring they continue to meet the needs of both today's and tomorrow's markets. 

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