Introducing MacDon’s New FlexCorn Header

 Introducing MacDon’s New FlexCorn Header
May 24, 2024

The Brand-New FC Series FlexCorn Built for Efficiency and Flexibility

By Ryan Ridley

Have you seen MacDon’s new header flex yet? 

Its FC Series FlexCorn header allows for 44 inches of movement in its 12 row headers. Its 16 row header pushes that up to 61 inches. 

Mark Zastrow, product manager at MacDon, unveiled the impressive flex on this header to 

The FC Series FlexCorn header was developed to boost your harvest efficiency, especially on challenging terrains like big hills and terraces. 

Available in both 12 and 16 row configurations, with options for chopping or non-chopping versions, this header is compatible with major combine brands such as John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, and CLAAS. 

A standout feature of the Flex Corn Header is its wings, which can travel up to 15°, providing that 44 inches of movement for the 12 row and 61 inches for the 16 row. 

This flexibility enables the header to smoothly navigate the toughest terrains and follow the planter passes with precision. 

MacDon has integrated its FluidMotion Hydraulic Flex system, which supports up to 98% of the header's weight, facilitating easy adjustments from the cab. This system allows the wings to pivot and contour closely to the ground, guided by adjustable skid shoes that respond dynamically to terrain changes. 

For ease of use, the system is controlled via an ISOBUS terminal for combines that are ISOBUS ready. This feature allows farmers to make all necessary adjustments on the go, directly from the cab, without the need for an additional display. 

The FC Series FlexCorn header incorporates MacDon’s proven C Series row units and the exclusive OctiRoll system. 

The OctiRoll features four point-to-point knives and four serrated flutes for thorough stalk processing. For those requiring a chopping function, MacDon offers an additional system that cuts stalks into 2-inch pieces for faster breakdown. 

This Series also features MacDon’s Auto Header Height system. 

The headers also boast a unique snout design that simplifies navigation and enhances crop feeding into the combine, especially beneficial in wet or challenging conditions.  

MacDon also offers a full line of rigid headers, ranging from six to 16 rows (20-inch, 22-inch, 30-inch and 38-inch). 

The FC Series FlexCorn headers will be available starting model year 2024.  

Watch the below video to learn more. 

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