Managing leg fatigue while in farm equipment

Managing leg fatigue while in farm equipment
Dec 08, 2023

Photo Credit: Tractor Seats 

Reduce leg fatigue by resting your feet on a Tractor Seat Footrest 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

After a long day in the cab, many farmers suffer from leg fatigue or cramping from driving their farm equipment.   

The team has found a cool tool that could help.  Tractor Seats Footrest Kit could help to reduce operator fatigue with footrest pegs ergonomically positioned for natural comfort of foot placement in the cab.  

Tractor Seats Footrest Kit covers all types of John Deere machinery. The John Deere series that are compatible with Tractor Seats consist of the 7R, 8R, 8RT, 9R, 9RT, 9RX, Sprayers, and Spreaders.  

John Deere has existing holes along the steering column in the cab frame to accommodate the footrest. Tractor Seats has taken those holes into consideration with the installment of the pegs, resulting in no drilling needed when installing the pegs. 

The footrest pegs are built with heavy-duty steel with black powder coat finishing for long-lasting durability supporting every farmer operating a tractor.  

When farmers are spending most of the days in the cab on the field, this little attachment could go a long way to making those days on the field more comfortable than ever before.

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