Keeping Canadian grain moving

Keeping Canadian grain moving
Aug 08, 2022

The world is waiting for Canadian grain, industry groups say

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canada’s ag sector can help alleviate global food security challenges, industry groups say.

“The entire agricultural supply chain has a responsibility to deliver needed Canadian products to consumers at home and around the world,” the website Canada’s Ready says.

Twelve industry groups representing growers, grain elevators and processors have developed a four-point plan to ensure Canadian grain isn’t delayed during the 2022 harvest.

To achieve a smooth harvest season without delays, the ag groups are calling for participation from the federal government, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National railways, and marine shipping companies.

Part one of the ag sector’s plan is to show it.

For this, the groups want CN and CP to provide detailed and transparent plans on how they plan to move grain. And container carriers should also provide examples of how they will ensure Canadian ag exports are shipped in a timely manner.

The second point in the four-point plan is to protect the plan.

To achieve this, the ag sector is seeking the formation of a government/industry labour council to track collective bargaining negotiations.

The third section of the ag plan is putting it into action.

The 12 ag groups want the railway and marine industries to provide monthly updates on export programs and expected capacities.

The final point in the plan is to measure and optimize it.

The ag sector encourages the support and increased utilization of programs like the Ag Transport Coalition for the rail sector.

Canadian farmers can show they’re ready for the harvest season by using the hashtag #CanadasReady on social media.

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