John Deere Unveils New Precision Ag Upgrade Kit

John Deere Unveils New Precision Ag Upgrade Kit
Apr 24, 2024

Enhancing Farm Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Precision Ag Technology

By Ryan Ridley

John Deere's Marketing Manager for Precision Upgrades, Kyle Barry, recently unveiled its Precision Ag essentials kit. These comprehensive and multi-tier packages offer farmers the opportunity to upgrade their equipment with high-level precision and efficiency. 

Barry explains that at the heart of this offering are three core or foundational components: the G5 Plus Display, the M Series modem, and the StarFire 7000 Receiver. 

Together, these tools form the backbone of the kit, which is available for an upfront cost of $2,000 US. Customers can then choose a license based on their specific needs, with two options available: Precision Ag Basic or Precision Ag Advanced. 

Precision Ag Basic includes essential features such as AutoTrac, section control, and RowSense, catering to farmers seeking fundamental precision agriculture capabilities.  

However, Barry highlighted that for those desiring more sophisticated functionalities, Precision Ag Advanced is the go-to option.  

It encompasses AutoPath, which maps plant rows rather than just tractor paths, AutoTrac Turn Automation for seamless implement handling, and AutoTrac Implement Guidance to maintain the implement on course independently of the tractor's position.  

Additionally, it offers Machine Sync for optimal grain cart filling and infield data sharing to reduce overlap and reworking of field areas.  

A notable highlight is the inclusion of SF-RTK, John Deere's satellite based RTK signal offering sub-inch accuracy without the need for radio towers, thus mitigating issues related to shading and terrain. 

This initiative presents a significant leap towards achieving RTK-level accuracy for a broader range of customers.  

These Precision Ag Essentials are poised to set new standards in agricultural efficiency and productivity. 

Watch the video below to learn from John Deere's Kyle Barry, as he talks about the company’s Precision Ag Upgrades. 

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