Industrial strength cleaning wipes that are safe for your skin

Industrial strength cleaning wipes that are safe for your skin
Mar 15, 2024

Photo Credit: Tub O’ Towels 

When you are serious about cleaning - Clean it like you mean it

Braxten Breen Intern 

Being a farmer isn’t the cleanest job in the world because working in agriculture means working with grease and dirt.   

And it is not just grease, farmers are consistently working in messing conditions daily on the farm.  Dirt and grease get on your clothes, hands, and even in your house.  That is where the Heavy-Duty Cleaning Wipes from Tub O’ Towels will help you clean up almost any surface.  

Tub O’ Towels have developed cleaning wipes that are designed for tough grease and dirt, but at the same time are safe for your hands and skin.   

The Tub O’ Towels wipes can be used in interiors & exteriors, leather, tools, lawn/garden equipment, etc. 

Tough on dirt, gentle on hands. The 10”x12” wipes are oversized and soaked in a special solution.  But the solution also contains aloe, vitamin E and lanolin, resulting in safe use for your hands. 

The Tub O’ Towels vapor lock canister minimizes solution evaporation features a heavy gauge plastic with locking lid.  The Tub O’ Towels are great for scrubbing and absorbing dirt, and they are made with a durable fiber weave which wicks up moisture. 

For more information, watch this Tub O’ Towels video. 

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