Honoring pollinators - Agriculture's lifelines

Jun 07, 2024

National pollinator week showcases conservation efforts

By Farms.com

As National Pollinator Week approaches (June 17-23), attention turns to the indispensable role of pollinators in agriculture and the initiatives working to protect them.

In Arizona, the Arizona Monarch Collaborative focuses on monarch habitat enhancement. In California, climate-smart farming practices receive support to create pollinator-friendly environments.

In Idaho, a butterfly ecosystem showcases the importance of pollinators. Illinois offers resources and educational events to raise awareness. In Iowa, efforts are underway to enhance monarch reproduction.

In North Carolina, honeybees serve as an entry point for youth into farming. In Virginia, success stories like Bee Campus USA certification highlight pollinator conservation.

These initiatives emphasize the critical link between pollinators and agriculture, underscoring the importance of their conservation for sustainable food production.

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