Making Quick Work of Moisture Testing

Making Quick Work of Moisture Testing
Jun 07, 2024

Photo credit: Agratronix 

Get easy and accurate moisture readings for hay, straw, or silage. 

Nevan Hagarty and Braxten Breen,

Have you been experiencing issues in your hay, straw, or silage moisture levels this past season? Maybe your hay was getting moldy, experiencing discoloration, or had decreased feed value? 

The solution to these problems is to maintain proper moisture levels with help from the Agratronix DHT-1 Moisture Tester. Get easy and accurate moisture readings with probe size options from 18”, 24”, and 32”, with the 18” probe being a popular choice for standard farm applications. 

The aircraft aluminum extra-rugged probe shaft is complemented with a sturdy pistol-grip handle, blacklit LCD display for nighttime use when needed, with a clear and direct readout of moisture percentage along with temperature readouts in °F and/or °C.  

You can also now get live readings when conducting tests – instead of just the average moisture level. The stainless-steel probe tip also extends the lifespan of the entire unit – preventing wear over time. 

The Specifications on this moisture tester:  

  • Moisture Range: 14.4% to 44% (percentage depends on the hay tested) 
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 225°F (0°F to 107°C) 
  • Readout Resolution: 0.1% Moisture increments 
  • 9-volt battery not included 

You may be wondering how accurate it is, the Agratronix moisture tester is most accurate throughout the normal range of stored baled hay. Includes an easy-to-follow user manual that can be found on the Agratronix website. With this cool tool’s help in maintaining the proper moisture levels, you’re in for a great next hay season! 

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