Grain bin safety week aims to reduce entrapment risks

Feb 15, 2024


Grain bins, essential to agriculture, pose significant risks. Nationwide's Grain Bin Safety initiative aims to mitigate these dangers through a focused campaign on safety and preparedness. With a notable increase in grain entrapment cases, the urgency for effective rescue solutions is paramount.  

The program, now in its 11th year, has seen significant achievements, including the provision of 332 grain rescue tubes and specialized training to fire departments across the nation. 

The initiative underscores the rapidity and lethality of grain bin entrapments, advocating for preventive measures and preparedness. The recent incidents in Indiana and Arkansas, where individuals were successfully rescued thanks to the program's resources, highlight the critical need for such equipment and training in rural communities. 

Through the Nominate Your Fire Department Contest, Nationwide and its partners, including NECAS, aim to extend their reach, ensuring that more first responders have the necessary tools and knowledge to handle these dangerous situations.  

The contest, part of the broader Grain Bin Safety Week efforts, underscores the collaborative effort to promote safety in the agricultural sector. 

As the campaign continues to grow, its impact is evident not only in the lives saved but also in the heightened awareness of the dangers associated with grain bins. Nationwide's commitment, together with the support of its partners, is making significant strides towards reducing the risks of grain entrapment, embodying a proactive approach to agricultural safety. 

For additional details on the program, the nomination procedure, or involvement opportunities, check out our online platform.

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